Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pointing Domain With Ip Address

Using a web host's dns will disable some of the free stuff  Name Cheap includes with its domain registration such as email forwarding. A way around this is to point the domain to your site using an ip address instead of the webhost's dns. There is a  drawback to using this method because sometimes the ip address changes and needs to be updated or the domain won't work.

But this is my preferred method of pointing a domain because I like the email forwarding and other features that come with Name Cheap, and it only take a couple of minutes to update the ip should it change. (I only had to update it once so far).

Here is how to set up a domain at Name Cheap using an ip address with a website hosted for free at

2. In your 50webs control panel click  Site Management.  You should see a number referred to as "Default route", this is the ip address:

3. Copy the ip address and go to  your Name Cheap account, click “Your Domains/Products” in the upper right sidebar on your account page:

3. Next click on your web address:

4.Click All Host Records in the left sidebar:

5. Enter the ip address you got from your 50webs account into the @ and www  text boxes, and select A (Address) from the drop  down menu:

The @ and www text boxes are to ensure that the domain works both with or without the www in the domain's url. Click the Save button near the bottom of the page and you are done. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for your domain to begin working.

To set up a domain with dns see the post Pointing Domain To Free Web Host.