Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pointing Domain To Free Web Host

One of the cool things about the internet is that there's a lot of stuff you can get for free, including web hosting for your website.Here is how to set up a domain registered at Name Cheap to work with the free web host

Go to and sign up for a free web hosting account. The sign up page will ask you to fill in your details, where it says Add a Domain Name to host select Use my existing domain and enter your domain url into the text box:

Once you have your web hosting account  login to your Name Cheap account to configure the dns settings. Oh relax it's going to be easy.

1. In your Name Cheap account click Your Domains/Products  in the upper right sidebar:

2. Next click on your web address:

3. Click Transfer DNS to webhost in the left side bar:

Please note that "transfer DNS to webhost" is NOT the same as transferring a domain, your domain will still be registered at Name Cheap.

4.Enter and into the text boxes and be sure "Specify custom DNS servers" is selected:

 Click the Save button and you are done! Told you it was easy. It will take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours  for your domain to begin working with your site. So get to it, start uploading your site files while you wait and be sure the file name of the home webpage of your site is index.html otherwise your domain won't work.

When using the dns of a web host some of the services  Name Cheap provides such as email forwarding and url forwarding will not be available. If  you would like to continue to have all the services of Name Cheap you can point your domain to your website using an ip address instead of  dns. Read how in  the post "Pointing Domain With Ip Address.